Gady Fraiman made his entry to the artistic world in a very young age. A descendant of the famous Fraiman family from Poland, Gadi repatriated to Israel with his family in 1966 and settled in Kfar-Saba. A son of holocaust survivors, young Gadi started to look for creative ways of expressing his feelings and emotions and ultimately turned to "speaking" through lines and colors.

Following his marriage to Flora, Gadi moved to kibbutz Mishmar David near the Judaean Mountains and the couple had three children there. Gadi started sculpting in 1982 and for many years it was not more than a hobby to him, alongside his main occupation as a vineyard farmer. Over the years, as the interested in his works started to grow, Gadi turned sculpting into a profession, his trademark and, ultimately, a way of life.

The art was Gadi's partner and companion throughout his life, allowing the largely-needed expression of his personality, his self. His works can be distinguished via a flow of lines, softness and concealed emotion that bursts out from inside the stone.

To enrich his knowledge and skill, Gadi spend several years in Italy, the stronghold of artistic sculpture. There he attended a variety of courses, absorbing the atmosphere of the place, learning about different ways to approach the stone, familiarizing himself with artistic legacy that passes from father to son and establishing his attitude towards the material.

Today, Gadi is a renowned bronze and stone sculptor and he recently started incorporating color into his bronze sculptures. His artistic works are exhibited in various famous galleries in Israel and abroad and some of them are part of notable private collections. Gadi had also completed several unique projects for many cities in Israel and the US.